This page is intended to provide you with information, tools for engaging, and for providing some additional resources along the way.

DeGerrymander Texas 101 Presentation

DeGerrymander Texas presentation materials that are used in community/group meetings.  This presentation establishes how gerrymandering has come to play such a prominent role in our democracy today as well as the opportunities for change.

DeGerrymander Texas Lobby Day Materials

From the DeGerrymander Texas Lobby Day on April 20, 2017, the materials produced for that day are now available in hopes that this information helps others understand gerrymandering, the redistricting process in Texas, and the opportunities for creating a redistricting process that is truly representative for all Texans.

How can you use this?  Use this to jazz up your Calls to Action – or simply give you greater confidence in talking about redistricting reform.  You can also use this if you make appointments with your legislator – during the session or after.   (We will update the bills to reflect the interim session bill assignments once they are available.)

Your District / County Analysis:

85th Legislature Talking points:

This document contains:

  • Talking Points / tips for talking with your legislator and their staff
  • Gentle reminders about knowing your audience
  • Things to do at the Capitol (other than talk to your legislator and staff!)
  • 85th Legislature Redistricting Reform bills by author, bill filing information, and brief description.
  • Associated talking points on redistricting reform bills
  • Texas Gerrymandering History
  • 85th Legislature bills on straight ticket voting
  • Associated talking points on straight ticket voting

85th Legislature Letters to Legislators:

This document is intended for distribution to legislators or the staff after you speak with them about redistricting reform bills.  This is standard practice during lobbying activities to leave something to reinforce your message.


  • Monitoring the status of bills:  Texas Legislature Online.  You can create an account and then select bills you'd like to be notified about.  (The redistricting bills are HJR 32, HB 369, HJR 74, HJR 118, and SB 209.  We will also send you notifications when these bills change.)  You can follow any bill you're interested in tracking- from water rights, sunset commissions, bathroom access, to bees.
    • Steps for setting up your TLO account and notifications on bills, this link has instructions - click here.