Rally Rep Burkett to Call Hearings

Suggested script to Representative Burkett's office to rally her to calling House Committee on Redistricting hearings:

House Redistricting Chair:  Representative Cindy Burkett (TX-113) (512) 463-0464 or email

Hi, I'm [NAME] and I'm a constituent of [REPRESENTATIVE] from [ZIPCODE]. While I’m not a constituent, I do not wish to be directed to my representative as this is a state-wide concern.

  • On March 10, 2017, a federal appellate court ruled that three Congressional Districts (Districts 23, 27, and 35) were unconstitutional and violated the Voting Rights Act.  There is a chance now that Texas will have to gain preclearance of its districts once again. We, as Texans, have the chance to preserve our right to determine our own districts by creating an independent redistricting commission.
  • The vice-chair on the House Redistricting Committee, Representative Johnson, has asked Representative Burkett to commence hearings to understand the implications for the federal court’s ruling.
  • Is Representative Burkett going to call hearings for the House Committee on Redistricting to discuss redistricting bills (these are HJR 32, HJR 118, HJR 74, and HB 369)?

 [wait for answer; if they say it's still being decided when to have hearings - continue on with (A); if they say there's a scheduled date - go to (B)]

(A) This is the time to fix this problem once and for all AND let Texas keep control of the redistricting process.  I've called my representative and senator to ask for their support of these bills to put control of redistricting into the hands of a bi-partisan commission.   [don't forget to thank the staffer for their time]

(B) That's fantastic that there's a scheduled date!  Please thank Representative Burkett on my behalf.  [don't forget to thank the staffer for their time]

  • Last thing to do:  send her an email to remind her of your call!


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