Have you been impacted by Gerrymandering? Do you have an opinion?

It's time for our next steps: committee hearings! Representative Howard's office is beginning to schedule public session for the House Committee on Redistricting and is asking for witnesses to testify in front of committee. If you would like to tell your representatives why they need to vote FOR redistricting reform and the creation of a bipartisan redistricting commission, please either use the form HERE or email max.lars@house.texas.gov with your name, full address and zip, email, and best day time phone number - and you're on the list!

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND but want to provide testimony, you can submit it in writing to Max Lars.  Please contact him for additional details!  (Also check out the second bulleted item in the Resource Material below for details.)


Resource Material:

  • 2/25/17 update: Rep Howard, sponsor of HJR 32 and HB 369, indicated that they will be working on a How to Testify video.  Please check back as we'll post a link once it's available.
  • If you are interested on testifying, the following article explains what to expect as well what to do in preparation:  http://effaustin.org/2013/03/participating-in-public-hearings-of-committees-of-the-texas-house-of-representatives/
  • From one of our members, a brief description of what to do the day of the hearing:  "I've testified at hearings and here is what you do: park in the free garage adjacent to the Capitol on San Jacinto, go to the Senate (usually) and either a) fill out a card b) use their machine c) go to their wifi and use their online site to mark approval or opposition of a bill and whether you're testifying or giving written testimony. Then, if you testify, prepare a 2 minute testimony and sign up to give your testimony * warning: get there early and depending on the number of folks coming, be prepared to be there for several hours to much longer before called. You will likely be able to watch the entire hearing from the gallery which is also fascinating. If you cannot stay, you may also come with written testimony. Type up a page (about 2 min worth) and make 20 copies. Bring them (there is not a copier you can use at the Capitol) and give them to the clerk. Each member of the committee will get a copy of your testimony. So, if you want to do something but don't have time, you can be in and out in 10 min if you park, file for the bill and leave your 20 copies of written testimony too. I did this for SB4 (the anti sanctuary cities bill recently). Also, be prepared to see the Republicans use tricks to discourage participation (like saying the gallery is full when it's not to prevent the media capturing civic interest)

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