Dear Representative, vote FOR redistricting reform!

Please call the House Redistricting Committee to tell them how excited you are that HJR 32 and HB 369 have made it to their committee, you want them to call it for public hearings, and to vote to PASS this on to the Legislature for a full vote.  [Sample script provided below]

Chair:  Rep Cindy Burkett (TX-113) (512)463-0464  or email ** Note: Rep Burkett is the one who will convene the committee

Vice Chair:  Rep Eric Johnson (TX-100) (512)463-0586 or email

Member:  Rep Drew Darby (TX-72) (512)463-0331 or email

Member:  Rep Armando Martinez (TX-39) 512(463) 0530 or email

Member:  Rep Will Metcalf (TX-16) (512)463-0726 or email

Member:  Rep Tan Parker (TX-63) (512)463-0688 or email

Member:  Rep Drew Springer (TX-68) (512)463-0526 or email

Supports HJR 32 & HB 369:

Member:  Rep Ana Hernandez (TX-143) (512)463-0614 or email

Member:  Rep Eddie Rodriguez (TX-51) (512)463-0674 or email


Our big hurdle with redistricting reform will continue to be engaging with the Representatives that serve on the House Committee on Redistricting. If you haven't had a chance to make calls, PLEASE take 10 minutes from your busy day and pick 3-4 representatives office to call once a week.  Using the script below, a call will take 3-4 minutes with a staff member of the representative.

Why is it so important to make calls?  These bills will require a 2/3 vote to get out of committee. Of the 9 members - 4 Democrats, 5 Republicans - 6 votes are needed to pass committee. Below is a categorization of their stated support based upon what we've heard. Those in the NO POSITION category really need to hear FROM YOU that you want them to support HJR 32 and HB 369!   

Why call the opposite party?  You'd be surprised at how receptive all sides (Dems, GOP, and Independents) are for redistricting reform.  This is a bipartisan commission and we are approaching this as a bipartisan group of concerned citizens.  It's up to you to use your voice and join our Redistricting Reform choir to tell these democratically elected officials that you want reform too.
FOR: Rep Hernandez (TX-143/Houston), Rep Rodriguez (TX-51/West Travis County)
LEANING FOR: Rep Darby (TX-72/San Angelo,Big Spring)
NO POSITION: Rep Burkett (TX-113/Dallas,Rowlett), Rep Johnson (TX-100/Dallas), Rep Springer (TX-68/N.Texas), Rep Parker (TX-63/Flower Mound), Rep Martinez (TX-39, Hidalgo Co), Rep Metcalf (TX-16/Conroe).

*I've linked to their individual profiles if you would like to see their platform, their election history (primary and general election challenges), as well as other information related to each representative.


Hi, I'm [NAME] and I'm a constituent of [REPRESENTATIVE] from [ZIPCODE]. I'm calling because I'm very concerned about the existing redistricting process in Texas. Allowing partisan politicians to draw their own districts lets politicians choose their voters, instead of voters choosing who they want to represent them.

Does [REPRESENTATIVE] support putting control of redistricting into the hands of an bi-partisan commission? [Wait for answer. If in favor, thank them. If opposed, ask why, then ask Rep to reconsider and vote in favor of the two bills.]

Will [REPRESENTATIVE] support hosting public hearings on HJR 32 and HB 369?  [Wait for answer.  If in favor, thank them.  If opposed or unsure, ask why, then ask Rep. what concerns they have over a public hearing.]

Please ask [REPRESENTATIVE] to vote in favor of HJR 32 and HB 369. Texans deserve a system of representation that favors voters, not self-interested career politicians.

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