What Can I Do Now?

One of the most important things you can do is to call to press our representatives and senators to support redistricting reform.


Call YOUR Representative and Senator to ask for their support of HJR 32, HB 369, HJR 74, HJR 118 and SB 209 to reform redistricting in Texas.   It’s up to us to take control of the process, end gerrymander, and put the people back in charge of what is, after all, our House. Click here to read more.


Have you signed the petition?   Go HERE to add your name.  Once you've added your name, send it to 5 more friends and ask for them to sign.


Now that you've called, send your State Representative and Senator an email or postcard to remind that you called and again ask for their support of HJR 32, HB 369, HJR 74, HJR 118, and SB 209!  Click here to read more.





Now that you've done all this, please tell others about these important bills and encourage them to get call and get engaged.  We need to do this as Texans to end gerrymandering.  Click here to read more.


Are you willing to testify about Gerrymandering's impact?  If you would like to tell your representatives why they need to vote FOR redistricting reform and the creation of a bipartisan redistricting commission, please click here to read more.